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Reading Room 2 @Summer of Something x Kunsthaus Zürich Mara Wohnhaas, Benedikt Bock with Francesca Leibowitz, Miriam Laura Leonardi

July 9th, 2023, 4 – 8 pm

Broken Hearts Breakfast Club
invites you to join for breakfast and movies on heartbreak and more ...

As part of summer of something, 2 Boys Broken Hearts has moved their «Reading Room» series from Hamlet in Zurich-Oerlikon to the Kunsthaus Zurich Restaurant as part of Summer of Something for June and July 2023.

Reading Room

Mara Wohnhaas
Benedikt Bock with Francesca Leibowitz
Miriam Laura Leonardi

to read for us in the Kräutergarten.

9 July 2023