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Broken Hearts Breakfast Club 11 @Summer of Something X Kunsthaus Zürich 2 Boys Broken Hearts

July 20th, 2023, 7 – 11 pm

Broken Hearts Breakfast Club
invites you to join for breakfast and movies on heartbreak and more ...

As part of summer of something, 2 Boys Broken Hearts has moved their «Broken Hearts Breakfast Club» screening series from Hamlet in Zurich-Oerlikon to the Kunsthaus Zurich Restaurant as part of Summer of Something for June and July 2023.

Broken Hearts Breakfast Club

20.7.2023 breakfast from 19.00 with 2 Boys Broken Hearts

20.30 screening of The Blue Tapes, 1974, directed by Kathy Acker & Alan Sondheim (55') 

The film is shown in its original language (English).