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The Reading Room invites to spend time in shared space whereas we learn from each other through shared experience and physical encounter.

The Reading Room encompases a text-based program which provides space for the horizontal interlinking of historical and contemporary queer feminist texts. Within the framework of regular gatherings, readings of selected texts shall inspire to an un-disciplinary dialogue, however never in a closed and concluding sense. In an ongoing discussion where individual voices challenge one another, the focus lies on listening to each other.

2BBH is driven by their love of words in all their forms, but also recognizes them as sites and means of power. In regard to their curatorial practice, it is part of 2BBH’s mission to interrogate the structural machinery involved in the production of texts specifically within the context of art, not only examining but perhaps even breaking down the language typical of the industry.

The Reading Room holds a small library which is looking to grow, diverge and transform through and with whoever enters it. You are most welcome to bring books as an expansion of what you find. The library is open whenever Hamlet is open (during exhibitions: Sat, 2-5pm or by appointment).

The Reading Room also encompasses a program based on food and films. The ongoing screening series Broken Hearts Breakfast Club takes place once or twice a month and invites people to come together for breakfast and movies on queer hearts and more.